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Tips to get more energy to exercise

November 17, 2021

Health, Motivation, Personal Training

A barrier for many people when they are embarking on exercise is that they feel they just don’t have energy to exercise. I will go over my tips to get more energy to exercise. So that you can take action into managing your energy levels and move the needle for your health.  Let’s start with […]

Health, Motivation, Personal Training

exercise equipment set up for a workout.

6 secrets to stay motivated to exercise

November 11, 2021

I will go over 6 secrets to stay motivated to exercise. Have you ever talked yourself out of the early or late exercises session you had planned? There are so many articles about tips on how to stay and find motivation when it comes to exercise. I do find that you can find good tips […]

Feel in control of your health.

October 28, 2021

Health, Motivation, Personal Training

I know that a lot of the frustration that comes with trying to be healthier and exercise is that we don’t feel in control of our health.  Here are some examples of thoughts and scenarios that I know people go through.  I wasn’t meant to eat the whole bag ( but couldn’t stop) Every time […]

Health, Motivation, Personal Training

Tips on staying healthy.

September 16, 2021

My best tips on staying healthy is to set yourself up so that you have little chance of making a decision you are not quite happy with. Ok so what is it I’m talking about? The theory is that you form a sort of contract with yourself to help with decision making. How to make […]


The stress of not knowing.

April 30, 2021

Motivation, Personal Training

Are you working long hours, managing people, making decisions, putting out fires, etc? Sometimes the last thing you want to do is figuring out what to do for your training session. Perhaps you find the stress of not knowing frustrating. Also its never nice to feel unproductive, specially if your time is tight as it […]

Motivation, Personal Training


What do you train for?

April 16, 2021

What I train for. Actually I saw a instagram post about this question and I thought it was an excellent one. I get extremely grumpy, restless when I don’t exercise. I notice that my productivity and drive gets much lower when I am not able to train. However I have quite recently (in the last […]

Ellen, personal trainer

What does health really mean?

January 12, 2021

Health, Motivation

What is health for you? For a lot of people health is associated with a healthy weight and if you look healthy then you must be healthy, right? I say no, that is not necessary. As an easy and a bit exaggerated example, if someone is at a healthy weight and looks healthy and they […]


Why you get bored of working out

July 8, 2020

Time of the day is not working for you. The time of the day could be a reason why you get bored of working out. If you could choose when would you prefer to train? If that is in the morning but you are leaving it to after work and evening. Due to lack of […]

How to keep consistent with your training when traveling for work

July 1, 2020


Have a plan I have had a lot of clients that would be travelling all the time for work. It can be a frustrating feeling that your exercise routine is constantly being put on hold. The best thing is to prepare.  Know what exercises you should be doing, where and when. Are you best off […]


How working out will help your productivity at work

June 24, 2020

Work is not everything. But let’s say you like what you do, you want to perform well, you are a high achiever, running your own business, perhaps have a lot of responsibilities. In most fields of work, stress is a factor. Even if you love what you do to much stress and pressure can make […]