Corporate training makes a difference

It’s well known that physical activity reduces stress, anxiety and even helps with mild to moderate depression. Companies that invest in their employees' physical and mental wellbeing will get a more stable and efficient workplace.

With a commitment to helping companies become happier, healthier and more united, I offer group training classes tailored to your company's goals. From relaxing sessions to reduce stress and anxiety, to team-building workouts to get your team together! 

Why Is corporate fitness important?

Helps prevent burnout and reduce employee turnover


It increases concentration and general performance

Increases morale and improves teamwork


Having Ellen as my personal trainer has been a real revelation – I didn’t really think I would enjoy personal training, but with her it’s fun, extremely well-organised and interesting. Ellen is really kind and fun to be around. In terms of organising the sessions, she’s flexible, easy to get in touch with and has been happy to meet me in the park, rather than a gym, which I prefer. She is very careful to put lots of thought into the sessions in advance, so they run really smoothly and you feel like you’re using your time to best advantage. She’s also a great communicator which is particularly important to help you get the best out of the tasks she sets you. Can’t recommend her highly enough!

Rosanna from London

A tailored approached to your company's success

Each company is different, and so is my approach to training your team. I offer three different training methods based on the goals you would like to achieve: 


A fun and endorphin-boosting session designed to improve physical and mental strength and energy levels.


A class focused on finding ways to relax and get a mental break from work while learning about hidden stresses.


Get the team closer, working on non-work related tasks through movement while encouraging teamwork.