Hi, I'm Ellen Dyverfeldt

My passion is to help people regain control of their health so they can live a long, healthy, fulfilling life doing the things they love. My background in contemporary dance taught me the importance of consistency and perseverance when it comes to achieving your goals, but also that it has to be rewarding. This is what I aim to inspire in my clients as well


Movement is my passion

As a child, I have always been active and spent a lot of time outdoors with my family. I remember, I would take off on cross country skis from the front porch of my family home in Sweden, or spend hours on long hikes with my dad. 

At the age of 4, I started dancing and continued up to a professional level. My background in contemporary dance taught me that anything can be achieved with patience, balance and fun.

Training as a professional dancer meant that I also got my fair bit of injuries and had to learn alternative ways of making my body stronger and more flexible to stay on track of my goals. After graduating from my dance studies, I pursued learning more about alternative training and completed my personal training qualifications to help other people improve their health in an easy, effective and rewarding way.

Take control of your health through movement

Movement is the definition of progress and life.

I want to empower my clients to move, take control of their health and enable them to progress in life with confidence through movement.


Have you ever wondered...


How am I going to fit training into my already busy schedule?


Where to start when it comes to improving my health?


I worry if I slow down or change things I will lose fitness and momentum.

Then you're already on your way to making improvements to your health and wellbeing! Let's have a chat and put together a plan of action to achieve your goals.



I have tried various things but struggle with consistency.

Work With Me


If you're determined to take control of your health and want to see long-lasting results, but need support and guidance to get you there, then one-on-one personal training is the solution for you.


The Resilient Body Method

This course works really well for those who want the flexibility of a course, who want to prioritise their health and build a resilient body. Want to know about small integrative but effective habits that will improve your health.



For businesses that value their employees wellbeing. Wants to give them tools they can use to build a foundation that integrates with their lives and serves their health well during busy times.



I couldn’t recommend Ellen highly enough.  From those who want to train to do an Ironman Marathon to older people wishing to retain strength and mobility, she has a highly tailored individual approach to suit the client’s needs.  She’s fully prepared with a varied plan for each training session and really thinks carefully about what she gets you to do.  She has a real talent for explaining how a stretch or exercise is meant to feel, or what it’s meant to engage, which (along with her demos) really helps me understand and get it right - specially for flexibility and strength work. She’s also a delightful person - sessions are fun and super easy to organise.  She’s happy to meet outside, rather than in a gym, if that’s what you prefer.  In short, I never thought I’d find a personal trainer that worked for me, but I’ve been totally converted by Ellen! 

Ben from London