How to prioritise health and a resilient body.

The Resilient Body method

Im exited to be creating this online course.  This course Is for you if you want to prioritise your health and a resilient body, if you want to feel in control of your health, be more consistent, knowing your are doing things right for you.

INTRODUCING THE resilient body method:

Education on daily movement and why that is essential for a healthy body.

Exercise adaptation workshops.

How to fit it all into a busy work schedule.

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3 Ways to a Healthier Life and a Resilient body.


If you want to prioritise your health and a resilient body, want to take charge of your health and stay consistent then this masterclass is for you.  


I have worked with a number of personal trainers over the years, but Ellen is hands down the best. I am always impressed by her knowledge and professionalism. Her holistic approach to training means you are accountable throughout the week not just at your session, this has really worked for me, it is the fittest I have ever been. Over Covid we have been using video calls and it has really worked well. Ellen is a superb communicator and always explains clearly what is expected, she can easily assess your form over video and gives advice on adjustments. I was surprised at how well it works. I would definitely recommend Ellen, you won’t be disappointed

Helen London

The perfect mix of flexibility & accountability

The course is ideal for you if you want to prioritise your health, you don't want to feel that injuries and a busy work schedule holds you back. Want a course that can be flexible around your schedule. 

The advantages of the course

You will know–how to exercise and manage your injuries or potential injuries.

You will know – how to fit in physical activity into your busy schedule.

You will feel– strong and mobile.

You will know –how to prioritise your health.

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