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Ellen, personal trainer

What does health really mean?

January 12, 2021

Health, Motivation

What is health for you? For a lot of people health is associated with a healthy weight and if you look healthy then you must be healthy, right? I say no, that is not necessary. As an easy and a bit exaggerated example, if someone is at a healthy weight and looks healthy and they […]


Why you get bored of working out

July 8, 2020

Time of the day is not working for you. The time of the day could be a reason why you get bored of working out. If you could choose when would you prefer to train? If that is in the morning but you are leaving it to after work and evening. Due to lack of […]

How to keep consistent with your training when traveling for work

July 1, 2020


Have a plan I have had a lot of clients that would be travelling all the time for work. It can be a frustrating feeling that your exercise routine is constantly being put on hold. The best thing is to prepare.  Know what exercises you should be doing, where and when. Are you best off […]


How working out will help your productivity at work

June 24, 2020

Work is not everything. But let’s say you like what you do, you want to perform well, you are a high achiever, running your own business, perhaps have a lot of responsibilities. In most fields of work, stress is a factor. Even if you love what you do to much stress and pressure can make […]