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How long does it take to get fit and healthy?

February 11, 2021


Is there a straight road to fitness and health? To most people’s frustration when they ask how long will it take? I give the answer, it depends. We all know there are 6-week transformation programs out there that should get you fit and healthy. Promising to give you the body you want but do they […]

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What does health really mean?

January 12, 2021

What is health for you? For a lot of people health is associated with a healthy weight and if you look healthy then you must be healthy, right? I say no, that is not necessary. As an easy and a bit exaggerated example, if someone is at a healthy weight and looks healthy and they […]

Can we be healthy without sleep?

Can we be healthy without sleep?

December 29, 2020


What does sleep got to do with being healthy? Let’s start by briefly talking about sleep, it’s the best way to manage stress. Stress is the component that links a lot of symptoms together. When we feel anxious and stressed we then often resort to foods that make us temporarily feel good. Often this is […]