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When perfection becomes an excuse.

August 17, 2023

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I will give you some guidelines on how to know, when perfection becomes an excuse. Why is wanting to exercise and eat exactly the right way prevents you from being healthy, strong and resilient? Here is how you know perfection becomes an excuse. You are aiming for perfection or you aim for the right way […]

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Scaling back on exercise?

July 6, 2023

Is the though of scaling back on exercise a bit unsettling to you? I get these concerns but they are thoughts and fears that can hold you back. And can trigger you to do too much. Now, I’m also talking about having a balance between exercise and recovery. More is not better when it comes […]

Need to warm up before a run?

June 20, 2023

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Do you need to warm up before a run?​Yes! Always.​There is no question about it.​You might think that if you are walking some parts of your run it’s not as important.​Or if you are planning on doing an easy run it’s not that necessary.​Or I’m not that serious about my running.​Everyone needs to warm up.​Maybe […]

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Cardio or strength for weight loss

May 30, 2023

I will just come out of the gate and say that as a health professional, I don’t support pitching Cardio or Strength for weight loss against each other. You need both for health and both cardio and strength contributes with important benefits for weight loss. ​ Pitching cardio vs strength for weight loss is old […]

Ellen Dyverfeldt, Personal trainer and Health coach.

How important is strength work?

May 2, 2023

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How important is strength work when you are starting out? It depends of course but the main thing when starting out is to increase your activity level. Strength work is highly important for your long term health. But what’s more important is to find a physical activity / movement that you like the experience of […]