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How many steps a day should I do?

October 3, 2022


How many steps a day should you do? Does 10 000 sound familiar?  Something that most don’t know is that the number 10 000 steps comes from a Japanese marketing campaign for a pedometer. There are studies that shows you get increased health benefits and decreased mortality risk around 6000-8000 steps. After you reach 6000-8000 […]

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Is HIIT training effective?

June 3, 2022

What is the deal with HIIT training? Is it as good for you as we might think? Is HIIT training effective?  I’ll go into all this in this article and hopefully I can make sense of some questions you might have.  There is a higher risk of injury with HIIT training than with something slower […]

Sustainable movement and exercise.

May 8, 2022


What do teach in The Resilient Body Method? I teach how to build a foundation of sustainable movement and exercise. It is backed up and supported by other healthy habits that you can rely on for a lifetime. In The Resilient Body Method, I teach 3 elements. You foundation that allows you to prioritise your […]

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Exercise for stress management.

April 4, 2022

How to use exercise for stress management. Are you wondering if you are doing enough or too much? When is movement and exercise causing more stress then it helps to manage it? This is definitely a balancing act when it comes to our health. And it’s one where I see most people constantly swing from […]

Must do ab exercises.

March 25, 2022

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I will give you my list of must do ab exercises. Im sure you have heard that having a strong core is all the rage. Yes, having a strong core is important but a strong core is just one key element in having a strong and resilient body. I will go over the most common […]

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5 tips on how to stay sharp at work

January 20, 2022

Do you feel you don’t have the same sharpness at work as before? Are you fueled with caffeine and sugar? I’ll give 5 tips on how to stay sharp at work. The huge plus side with these tips is that they will form a foundation of healthy habits.  This will make a huge difference for […]

Do’s and don’ts exercising with back pain

December 9, 2021

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I will go over do’s and don’ts exercising with back pain. There are so many people who have lower back pain. In fact  it’s the leading cause for activity limitation and work absence throughout most of the world. According to WHO there are several studies done on the impact lower back pain has on us. […]


Successful peoples morning routines.

October 14, 2021

I know many of you are ambitious, high achieving people. We hear a lot about successful peoples morning routines. I want to go over some of the ones out there and why we should not copy what someone else is doing. We also have to keep in mind that these routines we hear about might […]

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How to train with an Injury?

May 27, 2021


First of all, what do I mean by an injury? An injury can be major or minor. A broken leg is a major injury and aching lower back is a minor injury. Most injuries are repaired by strengthening the affected and connected areas. Of course if you have a broken leg you will start with rest […]


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Exercise effect on our brain.

April 1, 2021

We often tend to focus on what effect exercise has on our fitness and aesthetics. But how often do we consider what effect exercise has on our brain? Not very often. In my experience to focus on aesthetics when exercising won’t keep you running long term. It’s often not a strong enough reason to keep […]