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Stay fit and healthy over Christmas.

December 1, 2021

Food, Health, Motivation, Personal Training

How to balance your day to day, all christmas events and parties and how to stay fit and healthy all at the same time? Actually there shouldn’t be any difference to how you normally would handle things. If you are having feelings of worry that you will lose momentum, fitness and progress. Worrying that you […]

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Alcohols effect on our body.

July 8, 2021

Probably not the most exciting topic, Alcohols effect on our body. But something I think is underestimated. Like most things most people know they could do with reducing alcohol intake. Because we know it’s not good for us in loose terms we might not put as much weight behind it as we do with our diet […]


Why we over eat certain things?

December 15, 2020


What do I mean by over eating certain things? In this case, I’m talking about things that we eat and just can’t stop. We have gone in with the best intention to just have a few crisps, the next minute the whole bag is gone and we are left  thinking how did that happen? We […]