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Tips on staying healthy.

September 16, 2021

Health, Motivation, Personal Training

My best tips on staying healthy is to set yourself up so that you have little chance of making a decision you are not quite happy with. Ok so what is it I’m talking about? The theory is that you form a sort of contract with yourself to help with decision making. How to make […]


Work-life Balance

September 4, 2021

Work-life balance is a big topic but so important. We hear more people talk about it. I talk about it with my private clients. But It also feels like it’s still superficial. We know it’s important, we want to improve on it but how? And who’s in charge of making the big changes that are […]

Is work affecting your health?

Is work affecting your health?

August 19, 2021

Health, Personal Training

Do you find yourself at a stage where you notice how your work is affecting your health? Often it’s long and stressful hours combined with high pressure. Perhaps that has led to some unhealthy food and drink habits. Often there is little or no time for consistent movement and physical activity. If there is some […]

Injuries, Personal Training

Personal Training

How to manage longterm Injury.

August 6, 2021

What kind of long term injuries am I talking about? Well really it can be any kind of injury that you have been dealing with for a longer period of time. Often it is caused by repetitive movements such as static positions like sitting down too much. Or dynamic movements like running. Most of the […]

Ellen Dyverfeldt

Top 3 tips to a more resilient body body.

July 22, 2021

Health, Injuries, Personal Training

People are becoming more and more health aware.  I also see frustration in how people feel about how their body performs on a daily basis. To have a sore lower back or a knee that gets stiff and painful after long bots form sitting can be disheartening. I’m on a mission to help people get […]

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Alcohols effect on our body.

July 8, 2021

Probably not the most exciting topic, Alcohols effect on our body. But something I think is underestimated. Like most things most people know they could do with reducing alcohol intake. Because we know it’s not good for us in loose terms we might not put as much weight behind it as we do with our diet […]

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Is work affecting your health?

June 24, 2021

Health, Injuries, Personal Training

Work affecting your health should not be the case but it’s the reality for many people.  I work with people in high pressure and stressful jobs where time is in constant shortage and often under a lot of stress that can wear you down.  Prioritising your health It’s not that easy when work traditions and […]

Health, Injuries, Personal Training


How to minimise Injury at work.

June 10, 2021

How to minimise injury at work due to sitting down too much has been a fascination if not even a frustration of mine for quite some time. I see it often with my 1:1 clients, they have  back, neck, shoulder and knee pain. I also see tight hips and painful knees. These are areas where […]

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How to train with an Injury?

May 27, 2021


First of all, what do I mean by an injury? An injury can be major or minor. A broken leg is a major injury and aching lower back is a minor injury. Most injuries are repaired by strengthening the affected and connected areas. Of course if you have a broken leg you will start with rest […]

Personal Training

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What should a good training plan do?

May 14, 2021

Hm so where to start? Let’s start with some basics that any training plan should do for you regardless what your goals are and what level you are at.  A training plan should be realistic and achievable:  Very generic and probably something you’ve heard many times before but it’s true. Regardless if you are injured […]