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The benefits of Virtual Personal Training

June 17, 2020

Personal Training

How does Virtual personal training work? Virtual sessions are conducted via live video sessions between client and trainer. Messenger, Whatsapp, Zoom, Skype ore similar can be used to conduct a virtual session. I use google meet ore skype for my virtual clients. Often trainers that offer virtual training will have their prefered platform that they […]


How can short stretch breaks improve your day

June 10, 2020

Why? The body will benefit from the break from sitting down long stints at the time. It reboots your brain ( gets to breathe a bit) It’s hard to believe you can get injuries from sitting at a desk but you can. Our bodies need movement to function properly. Movement also stimulates creativity whatever that […]

Essential strength exercises for triathletes

June 3, 2020

Personal Training

Strength exercises for triathletes are essential. Consistency is key in endurance spot. Having to stop because of an injury is a problem. Have a look at this link explaining what consistency means and why it is important. I have listed in my opinion as a Triathlete and Personal Trainer  the most essential strength exercises for […]

Personal Training

Find your Perfect (PT) Personal Trainer

May 27, 2020

Sadly there isn’t a Tinder or equivalent for finding your perfect  PT match when it comes to identifying the right personal trainer for you! While all PTs should have certain values in common – a desire to provide motivation, encouragement and sensible targets for their clients – the individual approach and ethos can vary considerably. […]