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Stay fit and healthy over Christmas.

December 1, 2021

Food, Health, Motivation, Personal Training

How to balance your day to day, all christmas events and parties and how to stay fit and healthy all at the same time? Actually there shouldn’t be any difference to how you normally would handle things. If you are having feelings of worry that you will lose momentum, fitness and progress. Worrying that you […]

Health, Motivation, Personal Training

Ready to prioritise your health

November 25, 2021

When are you ready to prioritise your health? It’s really a question that only you can answer. However In my experience many people often feel they are never really in the right space to make the investment.  It does require an investment of mental energy, physical energy (you taking action)  you have to invest some […]

Physical Independent

November 18, 2021

Health, Injuries, Motivation, Personal Training

Do you feel physical independent? The ability to feel and be capable of facing the physical challenges life throws our way is the real reason behind our training or so it should be. With time it’s common that our bodies have signs of wear and tear that comes for living and aging. Sometimes we don’t […]

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Tips to get more energy to exercise

November 17, 2021

A barrier for many people when they are embarking on exercise is that they feel they just don’t have energy to exercise. I will go over my tips to get more energy to exercise. So that you can take action into managing your energy levels and move the needle for your health.  Let’s start with […]

exercise equipment set up for a workout.

6 secrets to stay motivated to exercise

November 11, 2021

Health, Motivation, Personal Training

I will go over 6 secrets to stay motivated to exercise. Have you ever talked yourself out of the early or late exercises session you had planned? There are so many articles about tips on how to stay and find motivation when it comes to exercise. I do find that you can find good tips […]

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Feel in control of your health.

October 28, 2021

I know that a lot of the frustration that comes with trying to be healthier and exercise is that we don’t feel in control of our health.  Here are some examples of thoughts and scenarios that I know people go through.  I wasn’t meant to eat the whole bag ( but couldn’t stop) Every time […]

My story on building a resilient body.

September 30, 2021

Health, Injuries, Personal Training

Though It could be a good idea to share my own history with injuries/niggles. I will try and keep it short. How it started My background is in contemporary dance. I was always the one that had the foot on the pedal a bit too much. My first injury/niggle came when I was 15. Though […]

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Tips on staying healthy.

September 16, 2021

My best tips on staying healthy is to set yourself up so that you have little chance of making a decision you are not quite happy with. Ok so what is it I’m talking about? The theory is that you form a sort of contract with yourself to help with decision making. How to make […]

Is work affecting your health?

Is work affecting your health?

August 19, 2021

Health, Personal Training

Do you find yourself at a stage where you notice how your work is affecting your health? Often it’s long and stressful hours combined with high pressure. Perhaps that has led to some unhealthy food and drink habits. Often there is little or no time for consistent movement and physical activity. If there is some […]

Injuries, Personal Training

Personal Training

How to manage longterm Injury.

August 6, 2021

What kind of long term injuries am I talking about? Well really it can be any kind of injury that you have been dealing with for a longer period of time. Often it is caused by repetitive movements such as static positions like sitting down too much. Or dynamic movements like running. Most of the […]